How To Strengthen Your Immune System

How To Strengthen Your Immune System

The coronavirus pandemic has made many people think about how important their immune system can be and not just for everyday activities but life itself. It is vital for our immune system to be in tip-top condition to fight off bugs, infections and diseases that can spring from seemingly nowhere. This article explores ways in which you can reboot your immune system and keep it in top working order.

The immune system begins to operate when the body’s protective mechanisms are overcome by foreign materials. The body’s defence against these external germs comes in many different forms such as coughing out any inhaled pollution and the skin itself forming a protective barrier against foreign materials.

So what can we do to help? How can we boost our defence and strengthen our immune system?


  • Improve hygiene and maintain good personal cleanliness standards
  • Regular exercise
  • 7-9 hours of sleep each night
  • Keep hydrated, increase your daily water intake
  • Balanced nutritious diet
  • Stress Free w hich is not always in our control but should be avoided where possible

Once all of the above is in place you have made the right start and will notice a real difference in your body and how you feel in general.


  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Limit excessive alcohol consumption
  • Stop smoking

Removing these from your routine will have a significant impact alone but combined with all the new good habits you have incorporated from the previous list, your immune system is going to be fighting fit.

There are many environmental factors that we simply cannot control, however, we can choose what goes into our body via our diet. Fussy eating and dietary restrictions can sometimes mean that we do not always have the correct amounts or the recommended nutritional balance our bodies need. We should always aim to get nutrients through our daily dietary intake but supplements can help boost this in moderation and used sensibly under control.

The easiest way to ensure we get our vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients is to introduce a bit of colour on our plates. ‘Eating the Rainbow’ with various coloured food will provide great variation, taste and nutrients for us to enjoy and keep our immune system healthy.

8 ways to boost the immune system directly through food;

  • Vitamin A is found in carrots, broccoli, apricots
  • Vitamin B6 is found in chicken, bananas, fish
  • Vitamin C is found in kiwi, mango, pineapple
  • Vitamin E is found in nuts, sunflower seeds, green leafy vegetables
  • Folic Acid is found in spinach, liver, asparagus
  • Iron s found in beans, nuts and fortified grains
  • Selenium is found in tuna, eggs, whole grains
  • Zinc s found in peas, yoghurt, wild rice

Taking care of your mental health is key as our mental well-being has a direct impact on our immune response. Great ways to keep your mind clear and your body fresh is to sleep more and exercise often. The fitter you are, the healthier your immune system will be.

Increased exercise means extra perspiration which in turn can bring on dehydration. This impacts every bodily function from top to bottom so an increased water intake will be essential for the functionality of your immune system and the fluidity in which your brain processes information.

The more we exercise, the more we will sweat so personal hygiene must be at the forefront of our thinking now more so than ever. Following set cleanliness and hygiene guidelines could be the difference between protecting our immune system or putting it to the test! Prevention is better than cure so give your body a boost, look after it and it will return the favour and take care of you.