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We provide you with fun and effective exercises in a safe and supportive environment.


We help you make better food choices, that leave you feeling healthier, fuller and with more energy.


We help you overcome the mental barriers and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.


Expect tons of support right from the go. We are here to help you become your full potential.

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Struggling with your health? (Physical or Mental)

Physical Health

Exercising and staying fit boosts your immune system and reduces the risk of getting diseases such as cancer, arthritis and diabetes.

Mental Health

Staying fit and healthy can help reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Exercise can be more effective at treating depression than taking medication.

Social Group

People who exercise and stay healthy have more confidence and find it easier to connect and make friends with new people.

Helping Men & Women Across Petersfield Get Fit, Lose Weight, & Build Confidence

"My mental health is much better thanks to Body Fitness Camp."

Annette Williams, Petersfield
Edward Bancroft, Petersfield, Hampshire

"Body Fitness Camp has changed my life."

Tina Jennings, Petersfield, Hampshire

"I fit back into my clothes again!"

Becki Barnes, Buriton
We raised £2337 for the Rosemary Foundation, Petersfield, Hampshire


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