So what is Group personal training?

Group Personal Training is the combination of group fitness with lots of personal support. Our aim is to help you get from where you are currently to where you want to be. We help clients to exercise on a one-to-one basis and through group training. We offer lots of personal support and check-ins alone with online support and resources. All our coaches are full qualified fitness professionals and coaches and go through intensive in-house training. They also make sure that exercises are done correctly to avoid the injuries that can often occur if someone does them unsupervised.

Where are we based?

We have been based in Petersfield for almost 4 years and we have helped hundreds of locals with their health and fitness during that time.. We do a mixture of online training and outdoor training in Petersfield. We realise that every client is an individual and we are dedicated to getting them to achieve their full potential without the need of shouting and all the other “no pain no gain stuff’.

Where in Petersfield?

We provide most of our support online and over the phone. However we also meets at Love Lane Sports ground to exercise between Mon and Friday. This is a great opportunity to meet other community members and exercise in the great outdoors. We also have a studio/office at Antrobus House which is just of the high street in the town centre. The staff are all friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and you will receive 5 Star support at all times.

Our clients

Our clients cover a full age range but with more people in the 40 – 65 age bracket. We have had hundreds of success stories over the years of people transforming all areas of their lives. As we believe that peoples’ time is valuable we always start and finish the online sessions and in-person sessions precisely as scheduled – no sitting around waiting at Body Fitness Camp like in your local doctors’ surgery! We also go on hikes and days out in the location community to the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Southsea, West Wittings Beach and Durdle Door. And this year we will be going to Snowdonia.

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