Overcoming Cravings

Overcoming Cravings

Overcoming cravings can be a significant challenge and as with most things, the first few steps are the most difficult. With a positive mind-set and a determined attitude, the good news is that it can be done! We have put together a list of simple but effective tips for you to focus on during the battle against those natural cravings.

  • Drink more water as dehydration is a major craving contributor
  • Eat more healthy, nutritious snacks before the cravings hit and proactively keep cravings at bay
  • Clock watching – Keep blood sugar levels up by never going more than 5hours without food
  • Exercise – Studies indicate that by doing just 20 minutes of exercise before a meal results in women eating less than they would if they did nothing
  • Address the causes such as anxiety, need for comfort, lack of motivation or boredom
  • Protein – Ensuring your diet is high in protein is key for both suppressing the cravings and aiding weight loss
  • Brush teeth – Everything tastes bad after cleaning your teeth!
  • Chew gum – Chewing gum tricks the brain into thinking you’re eating. Your brain then slows down the production of ghrelin which suppresses your appetite
  • Motivation – Make a vision board with the goals you want to achieve and how you envisage yourself changing in the coming months
  • Refined Foods – Swap bread and pasta for wholegrain alternatives and reduce your sugar intake

Accepting that cravings affect everybody is part of dealing with cravings and it important to understand that it is not just you has the urge to indulge in a packet of crisps, a chocolate biscuit or a fizzy soft drink at random times. Once you accept this, that difficult first step is dealt with. Cravings always seem to hit us in the middle of a diet or when we have just been to the gym and can prove to be a real challenge on our focus on becoming healthier.

Giving in, and let’s be honest we have all been there, doesn’t have to be the solution becausewe can all choose an alternative but what helps us is understanding why the craving is there in the first place. Our body tells us that it needs something but more often than not our minds tell us what we would like but not what we need. A healthy snack might not be what you immediately desire but ultimately it will serve your body better and fill that gap just as well as what you think you might be craving.

Our mood and surroundings often dictate how much we consume, an unfulfilled existence can push you towards comfort eating and eating for the sake of it because you feel there is nothing else to do. Identifying these contributors and dealing with them can be life changing and revolutionary in terms of casting cravings aside once and for all.

You have to be brave but if you face up to the problem and act on it, you could find yourself exercising instead of drinking, thriving in work rather than clock watching before home time or reigniting your relationship because you’re more confident. what’s more, you’ll be happier and motivated to be better. Sounds a lot doesn’t it? Just from avoiding eating too much? Ultimately the point is, if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. If that starts by counteracting a craving then great, start small think big and don’t give up.